What happens when I connect CallFlakes with Facebook?

When you click the Connect with Facebook button the CallFlakes app asks your permission to connect to your Facebook contacts as a Facebook app and then it synchronizes the list of your Facebook friends with the contacts in your phone’s address book. Then the app collects the latest updates of your Facebook friends and displays them for you when you receive a call or a text message from your friends or when you call them.

Some of my Facebook friends are spelled differently in Facebook and in my address book. Can I sync those contacts anyway?

Yes. When you go to the Match tab of CallFlakes you can select contacts and Facebook friends that don’t spell the same way and match them manually.

What does Facebook Caller ID means?

Facebook Caller ID lets you see recent updates from your Facebook friends when they call you, when you call them or when they send you a text message.

What are the Call and SMS Follow-Up tools?

At the end of each call, including missed call, and with every SMS message you receive, CallFlakes displays a set of tools that provide you with one-click actions you are likely to do following a call or a message. These tools include setting meetings or reminders, adding a new contact to your address book, making a call as a response to an SMS message, etc.

What if I don’t want to use the Facebook caller ID feature and just use the Call and SMS Follow-Up tools?

When you do not choose connect with Facebook on the Welcome screen of the CallFlakes app and then either close the app or click the Connect Later button the app will not connect with Facebook and you will still be able to use the Call and SMS Follow-Up tools

Are you doing anything with the information in my address book?

The App is using the information in your address book only to enable its tools and features. This information does not leave your phone to an external database. Check our Privacy Policy for more info.

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